A.C.E. Trio

Elena Camerin Young-vocals, Carmen Sandim-piano, Amy Shelley-drums.

Original composition by Elena who wrote music specifically for this project, to give room to these wondeful musicians and their improvisational skills, wondeful interplay and creative approach. A record is on the making...saty tuned!

Elena and Khabu

The Duo of Elena (voice) and Khabu (baritone guitar, ukulele, cavaquinho) explores original compositions along with jazz standards, Brasilian and Italian songs. Their originals, composed specifically for this instrumentation, delves into quirky lyrics written in the Italian and English languages, odd time signatures, extended and 12-tone-esque harmonies, and soaring instrumental melodies. 

Since their meeting in May 2009, Elena & Khabu have been composing and performing as a duo around New York City, New England, Texas, Maine and Italy. Additionally, they have been giving workshops in open and jazz improvisation, for vocalists, guitarists, and other instrumentalists.

Nalanda Ensemble

The Nalanda Ensemble draws inspiration from decades of experience in jazz, classical music, choreography and composition. International and interdisciplinary in scope, the music and movement of the Nalanda Ensemble arises in the momentary intersection of voice, woodwinds, guitar, bass, percussion and dance, including instruments and influences from as far away as Africa, Japan and Europe. Celebrating embodied awareness as the heart of improvisational
performance, the Nalanda Ensemble is at times sensuous and playful, at other times vital and intense, each piece a journey into unexpected worlds of melodic meaning, shifting rhythmic textures, and intriguing harmonic color.



In this project Elena and Victor Mestas Perez explore traditional songs from Latin America. 

Elena and Victor met in Boulder in 2015 and started to collaborate in different groups; later on they decided to work together on the rich and beautiful repertoire of songs from different countries on the South America. Composers like Chabuca Granda, Otilio Galindez, Astor Piazzolla, Consuelo Velasquez, Augustin Lara, Carlos Aguirre and many more are the inspiration for this project that Elena and Victor bring to life as a duo.

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