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Coming up on March 2024 : retreat in Mexico!

Immersed in the natural beauty of Ahuacatepec, in Jalisco, Mexico, we’ll engage in simple and vital activities that are key to our wellbeing.

This workshop will help you find your voice, through meditation and mindfulness practices, walks in nature and contemplative singing. 

Classes and Workshops


Private Voice Lessons

Explore your voice through breathing and vocal techniques, and enagage in contemplative practices and improvisation. You will delve into the many possibilities of your vocal range, honoring your inclinations and remaining at the service of music. Together we can also work on band leading, transposing charts, singing in multiple languages, stage presence...

keep your music alive!


The Creative Voice

Every human being is a creative being. With this workshop, I invite students to
explore their own voice and learn how to ignite their creative process.
The workshop is dedicated to vocalists of any level and experience, and welcomes
instrumentalists who want to deepen their relationship with their voices, and to
everyone who wants to access their creativity and open to new approaches to music making.


Special Teachers

In many years of practice with neuro-divergent students, I learned many lessons, and I want to share this precious experience with current and future music teachers who wish to work with
a neuro-diverse population, learn how to provide a safe and mindful environment for their students and for themselves, and how to be effective in their teaching goals.


photo by ©ElisaCaldana

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